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Forestry Website Request Form

Use this form to request a WordPress website in the Faculty of Forestry.

WordPress is designed to accommodate a wide range of needs, this platform comes with CWL-enabled authentication, a flexible UBC Common Look and Feel theme and all the power and user-friendliness of WordPress.

It is hosted locally at UBC on high-availability secure platforms and it is guaranteed to be updated on regular basis. Best of all, there is no cost to this service!

Please note: only faculty members or permanent staff are able to request websites for course, research, or other academic use. If you’re a student and would like to have a website, you may want to try UBC Blogs where you can self-create your own site ( If you’re a Graduate student, you can also speak to your supervisor about getting a profile under one of their websites.
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  • ex: Forestry Hydrology Lab
  • ex: Note: Your website must be a subdomain of * Top-level domain names (ex: require the Dean's approval and a formal request submitted to UBC IT with a justification as to why a * is warranted.
    1) In case you already have a functional website that needs a facelift, and/or migration from another CMS or static HTML to WordPress
    2) You need a brand new website
    3) You have a website that won't be migrated, but you need to extend it for specific purpose - project, initiative, group...
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